Ali Araghi Commercial Co - The Biggest Importer of Steel Wire Rope, Chains, Riggings and lifting equipment in Iran

AACC is not only the biggest importer of steel wire rope in the Middle East but also is the sole distributer of KISWIRE products in Iran. Kiswire being one of the biggest producer of steel wire rope in the world,supplies the best quality wire ropes for crans, elevator, Mining as well as oil industries. We also are the exclusive representative of scaw Metals (Previously Known as Makinnon) steel chains in Iran, distributing a variety of different chains of various sizes and grades. You can always find all sizes and best quality,chain blocks,electrical hoists, lever blocks, wire rope hoists, trollies, pp-ropes, Manila ropes, shackles, turn buckles, hooks, socket … etc. In our inventory ready for shipment with Mill test and third party Certificates. ...

Wire Rope

NON-Rotating, IWRC, FC, Brake Wire, Inhibited Wire


Anchor Chain, Grade 80, DIN 763,DIN 764, DIN 766

Rigging Hardware

Grade 80,Shackle,Turnbuckles,Wire Rope Clips,G411 Standard Wire Rope Thimble,Regular Swivels G-402, DIN580 Eye Screw,DIN582 Ring Nut,U.S. Type Pully (Eye Hook),Snap Hook(DIN5299, Form C, Zinc Plated),320 Eye Hook With Latch (TH-130),322 Swivel Hook With Latch (TH-132),319 Shank Hook With Latch (TH-297),U.S. Type Grooved Open Spelter Sockets (US416),U.S. Type Grooved Closed Spelter Sockets (US417),Wedge Sockets

Lifting Equipments

Hoist(Chain block,Electrical Wire Rope Hoist,Electrical Chain block),Wire Rope Hoist,Lever Block,Webbing Sling,PP Rope,Winch(Electrical,Manual)